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Category: Cadet Student - Tuition Assistance Eligibility
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Orange arrow Cadet Student - Am I eligible for Army Tuition Assitance (TA)?

  You are not eligible for TA as long as you are eligible for U.S Army Cadet Command (USACC) scholarship funding. Need More Help? Contact your Program Cadre for assistance. Select the "GoArmyEd Assistance Center" link in the left menu to return to the main page. Select topics in the Related T...
Orange arrow Cadet Student - How do I use my Army Tuition Assistance (TA) if I am no longer a Cadet Student?

  You can ONLY receive funding by one source. To proceed and convert your Cadet Student Account to a TA account, complete the following steps: STEP 1: Select “Account Information” link(or the Gear icon)from the menu on the left side of your GoArmyEd homepage. STEP 2: Your Account Inf...

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