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Orange arrow Do I need a specifc browser to view GoArmyEd?

  In order to view and complete all processes within GoArmyEd you will need to use the following browser versions or higher: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox version 38.5.2, or Google Chrome version 47. GoArmyEd will no longer be able to provide technical support for Helpdesk cases, which do not meet th...
Orange arrow What do I do if I have a technology issue with GoArmyEd?

  If a message appears, carefully review the message. Many messages are informational. You may need to clear your cache and browser history. To find instructions on how to do this for different browsers, select the "Technology Information" link available in the footer of any GoArmyEd page. After...
Orange arrow How do I allow pop-up blockers?

  If you need to allow a pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer (11), Firefox version (38.5.2), or Google Chrome version (47), please follow the instructions below. Select the "Technology Support” link located at the bottom of the GoArmyEd public page at www.GoArmyEd.com. Select the...

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