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Category: Soldier - Tuition Assistance (TA) Statement of Understanding (SOU)
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Orange arrow Soldier - Does my commander have to sign my Statement of Understanding?

  No, your commander does not have to sign your Tuition Assistance (TA) Statement of Understanding (SOU). OPTIONAL: You can select to send a copy of your TA SOU to your commander by selecting the radio button beside “I would like to send a copy to my Commander.” You will then need to pro...
Orange arrow Soldier - What the Army's Tuition Assistance (TA) Statement of Understanding (SOU)?

  The Army Tuition Assistance (TA) Statement of Understanding (SOU) provides the terms and conditions of using the Army's Tuition Assistance program. The TA SOU appears each quarter when enrolling in a class. To acknowledge the TA SOU, select the check box acknowledging you read and agree to the ter...
Orange arrow Soldier - Where can I review a copy of the Tuition Assistance (TA) Statement of Understanding (SOU)?

  You can review previously acknowledged TA SOUs by completing the following steps: STEP 1: Select the “My Education Record” Smart Link on your GoArmyEd homepage. STEP 2: From the Related Links section, select the “SOU Signature History” link. STEP 3: The Histo...
Orange arrow Solider – Can I pursue a Master’s degree using Tuition Assistance?

  If you used Tuition Assistance (TA) to pay for any portion of your undergraduate degree, you must complete 10 years of eligible service prior to working on your graduate degree using TA. If you did not use TA to obtain your undergraduate degree, contact your Army Education Counselor to learn more ...
Orange arrow Soldier - What is the difference between “certificate” and “certification”, and will Tuition Assistance (TA) pay for both?

  Certificate refers to a series of online courses designed to give you knowledge in specific product areas. You receive a certificate for a course that does not have ongoing maintenance or renewal requirements. Certification involves an experience and education component, and requires passing...

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