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Orange arrow Soldier - How do I print my Student Record?

  You can print information on your Student Record by completing the following steps. STEP 1: Select the “My Education Record” Smart Link on your GoArmyEd homepage. STEP 2: Your Student Record will appear. Select the All tab. STEP 3: Select the “View/Print Student ...
Orange arrow Soldier - What is a Student Record?

  The Student Record contains information about you. a) The Basic Information section contains your name, date of birth, GoArmyEd user name, contact information, school and degree plan, TA funding status and servicing education center. b) The Related Links section contains additional info...
Orange arrow Soldier - How do I get a Student Agreement/Official Degree Plan?

  Work with your school to discuss what courses are needed to obtain your degree. Depending on the type of degree you are pursing, you or your school will need to upload the Student Agreement/Documented Degree Plan in GoArmyEd. Review the "Uploading Student Agreement/Official Degree Plan" Quick Re...
Orange arrow How do I update my Servicing Education Center in my GoArmyEd Student Record?

  If your GoArmyEd Student Record reflects the incorrect Servicing EducationCenter, and your Assign Uniti Identification Code (UIC) needs to be updated: Active RegularArmy Soldiers should contact their Personnel Administration Center (PAC)/S1/BCTto update eMILPO Army Reserve Soldiers should cont...
Orange arrow Soldier - How do I update or correct information on my Student Record?

  Soldier personnel data in the Student Record are sourced from the Army's Personnel System and refreshed on a routine basis. If data is inaccurate, Soldier must request an update to their personnel record: Active Regular Army: contact Personnel Administration Center (PAC)/S1/BCT to upda...
Orange arrow Soldier - How do I find my GoArmyEd User ID?

  A GoArmyEd User ID is a system generated number, unique to you. Your GoArmyEd User ID can be found on your Student Record, under "Basic Information". Access your Student Record by selecting the "My Education Record" Smart Link on your GoArmyEd Homepage. Need more help? Select ...
Orange arrow Soldier - Is my Student Record in GoArmyEd available to me after I leave the Army?

  If your GoArmyEd Account is deactivated, you will no longer be able to view your Student Record in GoArmyEd. Need more help? Select the link below to contact your Army Education Counselor for assistance. Army Education Centers Select the "GoArmyEd Assistance Center" link in the left ...
Orange arrow Soldier - Who can see my Student Record in GoArmyEd?

  Authorized users (Army Education Counselors, representatives at your school and Helpdesk agents) with administrative access can view your Student Record in GoArmyEd to assist with questions and concerns that may result from cases and calls. Need more help? Select the link below to contact ...

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