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Orange arrow Soldier - How do I track my degree progress?

  At the top of your GoArmyEd Homepage, you will see the Degree Progress Dashboard. The green indicates “Completed” courses, and the yellow are those “In Progress”. Hover your cursor over the progress bar to view detailed information regarding all courses completed and...
Orange arrow Soldier - What is the Degree Progress Report?

  The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is used if a Course Planner is not required. The DPR is an unofficial tool for GoArmyEd Soldiers to check on their degree progress within GoArmyEd. It is not a substitute for an official Student Agreement/Documented Degree Plan or official college transcript. For ...
Orange arrow Soldier - What if a class is listed incorrectly or missing from my Degree Progress Report?

  Contact your school to have your class information updated. Need more help? Select the link below to contact your Army Education Counselor for assistance. Army Education Centers Select the "GoArmyEd Assistance Center" link in the left menu to return to the main page. Select topics ...
Orange arrow Soldier - How do I locate my Degree Progress Report?

  The Degree Progress Report (DRP) is a tool available for degrees that does not require a Course Planner in GoArmyEd where you can track your degree progress. To retrieve your DRP, complete the following steps: STEP 1: From your GoArmyEd Homepage, hover your cursor over the “To Be Completed&r...

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