Soldier - How do I resolve a repayment/recoupment?

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Soldier - How do I resolve a repayment/recoupment?


If you are subject to a course recoupment, your GoArmyEd account will be placed on a hold, and you will receive an automated email from GoArmyEd alerting you of your debt. This email will contain detailed steps of how to resolve your recoupment.


Method of Collection: The Army has automated the collection of class recoupments accomplished in conjunction with the Defense Finance & Accounting System (DFAS) and will result in recoupment debts being deducted from your military pay. Recoupments from earlier time periods will continue to be processed manually by either local Education Centers or HQ ACES.


Payment Selection: You will be offered the opportunity to select a payment plan for recoupments subject to the automated process. Once a recoupment is processed, you cannot change the payment option through GoArmyEd. You will need to contact whoever handles your pay (i.e. Active Duty- your local finance office) regarding your request to change your repayment option.

Need more help?

  • Select the link below to contact your Army Education Counselor for assistance.

Army Education Centers

  • Step-by-step Instructions: For information on viewing recoupment, select the link below to view the Step-by-step Instructions.

Viewing and Resolving Recoupment

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