Soldier - How do I view my grades?

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Soldier - How do I view my grades?


To view your grades, complete the following steps:


STEP 1: Select the "My Education Record" Smart Link on your GoArmyEd homepage.



STEP  2: Your Student Record - DA Form 669 appears. Select the Education tab located under the Basic Information section.


STEP 3: Your Education Record displays. Scroll to the Previous Course Information section. Grades for all completed courses will display.



Need more help?

  • Select the link below to contact your Army Education Counselor for assistance.

Army Education Centers

  • Step-by-step Instructions: For detailed steps on how to how to view your grades select the link below:

Viewing Your Grades

  • Select the "GoArmyEd Assistance Center" link in the left menu to return to the main page.
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