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Cadet Student - How do I upload a document in eFile?

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Cadet Student - How do I upload a document in eFile?


To upload or edit a document in eFile, complete the following steps:

STEP 1: From your GoArmyEd Homepage select the “Student Record” link on the left menu or the “List”  icon under the Education Record section.


STEP 2: From the Student Record page, select the eFile tab.

STEP 3: To upload a new document to eFile, select the “Upload a new document/file” button at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 4: A separate window appears.  Enter the “Title,” “Description,” and “Transaction Type.

STEP 5: Select the “Browse” button to search for a file to upload. 

Select the file you want to upload. Select “Open.”

The name of the document you have selected will display next to the “Browse” button.

STEP 6: Select the “Upload File” button.

STEP 7: The file will appear under the eFile section. To update, delete, or review an existing eFile select one of the four buttons beside the document you wish to review or update.

  • The “Download File” button allows you to view and place the file on your computer in the directory of your choice.
  • The “Upload New Version” button takes a copy of a file on your computer and sends it to your GoArmyEd account. You are only allowed to update files that you uploaded.
  • The “View History” button displays the date and time that each file was created or updated and the name of the person who made each change.
  • The “Delete” button erases the selected document. You can select one document at a time and only delete a file you have uploaded.

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How to Use eFile

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