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Cadet Student - How do I track my case?

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Cadet Student - How do I track my case?


You can do the following after creating a Helpdesk:

  • View Open and Closed Cases
  • Respond to a case that has been returned to you asking for more information

*Please note – If you do not respond to your case within 30 days, the case will automatically be closed.


View Open and Closed Cases

From your GoArmyEd Homepage, scroll to the Helpdesk Cases section. All of your open cases are displayed.


Select the  icon in the “Case Details” column to view details of a specific case.


When your case is resolved, you will receive an automated email. The email includes a link to the case resolution and customer satisfaction feedback survey.

 To view closed cases, select “Closed Cases” from the Show drop-down.


You can also view open and closed cases by selecting the “Assistance Center” link on the left menu of your GoArmyEd Homepage.

The GoArmyEd Assistance Center displays. From the GoArmyEd Assistance Center, select the “Helpdesk Resources” button at the bottom of the screen. 

The Helpdesk Resources page appears. Select a tab to view open cases, open surveys, and closed cases.


Responding to a case that has been returned to you asking for more information                                                                                                                              

Helpdesk agents may return your case to you with a note requesting more information to ensure your case is handled correctly.


To open the case, select the  icon in the “Case Details” column.

Select the “Take Action on Case” button to submit the requested information.

Provide any information that will help in resolving your case in the Enter New Action section. Select the “Submit Actions Taken” button.

*Please note: If you do not respond to a returned case within 30 days, it will be automatically closed.

Need More Help?

  • Contact your Program Cadre for assistance.
  • Step-by-step Instructions: For detailed steps on how to get help in GoArmyEd select the link below:

       Creating and Tracking a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Case for a Technical Issue

  • Select the "GoArmyEd Assistance Center" link in the left menu to return to the main page.
  • Select topics in the Related Topics section below:



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