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Cadet Student - How do I create a Helpdesk case in GoArmyEd?

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Cadet Student - How do I create a Helpdesk case in GoArmyEd?


For scholarship benefit questions, please contact your Program Cadre.

You will only be able to create a case for a technical issue you are having with GoArmyEd.

Please follow the steps to create a technical issue case:

STEP 1: From the GoArmyEd Assistance Center. Select the “Helpdesk Resources” button.

STEP 2: The Helpdesk Resources page appears. Under the Links section, select the “Create a Helpdesk Case” link.


STEP 3: The Create a Helpdesk Case page displays. Information from your Student Record is displayed.

Under Helpdesk Case Details complete the following:

  • Select “Technical” from the Case Details drop-down
  • Select the correct page in which you encountered the issue from the Page Type drop-down
  • Fill in the Subject with a brief description of the issue
  • Complete the Description section with details of the issue including: browser (name and version), any error messages you received, all steps taken

Select “Submit Ticket.

You can view the status of your Helpdesk cases on your GoArmyEd homepage anytime in the Open Helpdesk Cases section.

Need More Help?

  • Contact your Program Cadre for assistance.
  • Step-by-step Instructions: For detailed steps on how to get help in GoArmyEd select the link below:

             How to Get Help in GoArmyEd

  • Video: Select the link below to view the video on how tp get help in GoArmyEd:

             How to Get Help in GoArmyEd

  • Quick Reference Guide: For more details on how to submit a CRM case for a technical issue select the link below:

             Creating and Tracking a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Case for a Technical Issue

  • Select the "GoArmyEd Assistance Center" link in the left menu to return to the main page.
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