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Cadet Student - How do I complete the USACC Course Planner?

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Cadet Student - How do I complete the USACC Course Planner?


To complete your U.S. Army Cadet Command (USACC) Course Planner, complete the following steps:

STEP 1: From your GoArmyEd homepage, select the “USACC Course Planner” link located under the Course Planner section, or the “Graduation Cap” icon located under the Education Record section on your GoArmyEd homepage.


STEP 2: The USACC Course Planner page will display.  

STEP 3: You will need to attach your Form 104-R (Planned Academic Program Worksheet). Select the “Form 104-R” button.

Select the “Attach 104-R” button. A file attachment pop-up will appear. Select “Browse” and locate the appropriate file on your computer. Select “Upload” button.


The file you have selected appears. Select “Back to Course Planner” once your file has been successfully uploaded.


The USACC Course Planner page appears.

After you upload your Form 104-R, School Fees are automatically applied to your Course Planner based on your Military Science Level and Academic Program.


Note: If you wish to remove the automatic fees, you can delete the row of school fees by selecting the “Delete” button.

STEP 4: Add all courses needed to complete your degree by selecting the “Add Courses” button.


The USACC Course Planner - Add Courses page appears. Search for you course by “School,” “Subject,” “Catalog Number,” or “Course Title.” Select the course that matches the course listed on your Form 104-R by selecting the “Add to Planner” button.


If your search does not return any courses, select the “Can’t Find My Courses Link.”

Note: For mandatory school fees not related to a course that were not added automatically, manually create a course titled: School Fees.

STEP 5: Your selected course will appear if you selected a course from the Course Catalog. Or a new row will appear and require you to enter the required course information.

Course Catalog selection:

Can’t Find My Courses:

Select the “Military Science” check box to indicate which courses are required for your ROTC program.

STEP 6: Once you have added all of your courses, submit your USACC Course Planner by selecting the “Submit” button. Your USACC Course Planner will be auto-approved.

The following “Submit” message appears:

“Success: You have submitted your planner for review. Please be sure that you have added all of the courses that are on your Form 104-R before you submit. The Course Planner will be automatically approved, and any changes will have to be submitted in an updated version of the Course Planner. Once your Course Planner is submitted and auto approved, you will be able to submit your payment request for “Tuition and Fees” or “Room and Board.” Be sure to register with your school before submitting a Cadet Payment Request form.”

Select the “OK” button.

You may also select “Save” to save and exit your USACC Course Planner without submitting.

Note: To view addition instructions on how to complete the USACC Course Planner, select the “Instructions” link at the top of the page.



Need More Help?

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