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Soldier - What is Applicant Status?

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Soldier - What is Applicant Status?


If the home school you selected requires you to be admitted to their school, a designation of "Applicant Status" will appear in your Student Record.  If you have been approved to use tuition assistance, your home school must admit you to their school before you can enroll in classes through GoArmyEd.

To view your Applicant Status complete the following steps:

STEP 1: Select the “My Education Record” Smart link from your GoArmyEd Homepage.

STEP 2: Select the Education tab.


Scroll to the Soldier Education Information section and view the “Applicant Status” field.

If “Applicant” displays, your school has not admitted you to their school go to STEP 3.


STEP 3: Select the “Application Status” link under the Related Links Section.

STEP 4: Review the Current Application and Application History sections for any comments provided by your home school. If you still have questions concerning your applicant status, please contact your home school.


STEP 5: When your home school admits you, “Active in Program” will display as your “Applicant Status”.



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