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Army Civilian - How do I track a Training Application?

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Army Civilian - How do I track a Training Application?


On your GoArmyEd homepage, after you have initiated your training application, your “In Progress” application information appears on the “Army Civilian Training Application” dashboard.

The dashboard displays all of your active training applications. An active training application has a status of “In Progress,”“Pending Approval," “Returned for Action,” or “Approved.”

GoArmyEd automatically routes your application to the appropriate approvers. Select a magnifying glass next to any training application that is pending approval to view who has already approved the application and which approvals are still required.

Expired or completed training applications are not available on the dashboard. Once expired or completed, they are automatically moved to an archive accessible from your GoArmyEd student record.


Need more help?

  • Contact your Career Program Manager or Training Manager for further assistance.
  • Step-by-step Instructions: For detailed steps on how to track, modify or cancel a Training Application, select the link below:

Army Civilians: Tracking, Modifying or Cancelling a Training Application


  • Video: Select the link below to view the video on how to track, modify, or cancel a Training Application.

 Tracking, Modifying or Cancelling a Training Application

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