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Army Civilian - How do I update my Second Line supervisor?

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Army Civilian - How do I update my Second Line supervisor?


To update your Second Line supervisor complete the following steps:


STEP 1: Select the “Account Information” link located in the footer of your GoArmyEd Homepage.



STEP 2: The Account Information page appears. Select the My Supervisors tab.


STEP 3: Select the “Change Second Line Supervisor” button.


STEP 4: A pop-up window appears enter the following information:          

  • Second Line Supervisor First Name          
  • Second Line Supervisor Last Name          
  • Second Line Supervisor Office Email       
  • Confirm Office Email



STEP 5: Select the “Change Supervisor” button


STEP 6: A message will appear asking you to confirm the following:


If you proceed with this change, GoArmyEd will verify that the Supervisor email you have provided matches with a Supervisor who has an active account in GoArmyEd. If a match cannot be found, the Second Line Supervisor information will be blank on your Training Application.

We highly recommend you contact your Second Line Supervisor and verify that he or she has an active account in GoArmyEd and that the email he or she used to create the account matches the office email you are submitting to ensure your change can be applied successfully.


Select “Proceed”


STEP 7: A message will appear, that your Second Line Supervisors email was matched and has been successfully updated.

Select “OK.”



STEP 8: To return to your GoArmyEd homepage, select the Home icon.


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