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Army Civilian/DA Intern - How do I track a Standard Form (SF) 182?

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Army Civilian/DA Intern - How do I track a Standard Form (SF) 182?


After you submit your SF 182, the “Create” button on your Army Civilian Training Application dashboard will change to “Manage”. Complete the following steps to view your submitted SF 182:


STEP 1: Select the “Manage” button in the SF 182 column of the Army Civilian Training Application section of your GoArmyEd homepage for the SF 182 you want to view.

STEP 2: Your submitted SF 182 form will display.


Scroll down to the SF 182 Status section to view the approval status. A status of “Pending” indicates the form is submitted, but not yet approved by all required approval roles.

NOTE: SF 182s for ACTEDS and Career Funded programs will be automatically disapproved once the start date of the class has passed.

STEP 3: The Approval Actions section of your SF 182 displays a list of required approvers. The Date and Status columns will be blank if there have been no approval actions taken on your SF 182. This indicates it is still in your Immediate Supervisor’s approval queue pending action.

Until your Immediate Supervisor enters a decision of either approved or disapproved, you are able to edit the fields you completed on your SF 182 and resubmit.


After your Immediate Supervisor submits an approved decision, your SF 182 remains in “Pending” status until all required reviewers have approved the form.

When an individual SF 182 is submitted for approval with zero costs (zero tuition, books, fees, no travel, no per diem), the Career Program Manager will have the final approval decision and the form will not require approval from HQDA. This is only for Career Program and HQDA G-3/5/7-funded SF 182s and not for Training Command SF 182s.


STEP 4: To return to your GoArmyEd Homepage, select the “Close Window” link.




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  • Contact your Career Program Manager or Training Manager for further assistance.
  • Step-by-step Instructions: For detailed steps on how to track an SF 182, select the link below:

Checking Approval Status and Printing an SF 182

  • Video: Select the link below to view the video on how to track an SF 182:

Checking Approval Status and Printing an SF 182

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