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Army Civilian/DA Intern - What is a Standard Form (SF) 182?

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Army Civilian/DA Intern - What is a Standard Form (SF) 182?


This form is used by the United States Office of Personnel Management and federal agencies. A Standard Form 182 is known as an Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of Training form. This form will be used to keep a record of various training activities an employee has completed. It can be used to ensure an employee meets the current qualifications needed to carry out their job duties and hold the employment position.

The first section of the form requires information about the trainee. This will be the employee who has received the training. Information including full name, address, employment information, and education level is needed. The next section will detail the training course taken. There will certain codes used to designate the type of course. The training agency’s information must also be included so that the training can be verified.


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