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Soldier - What is the Army’s Tuition Assistance (TA) Policy?

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Soldier - What is the Army’s Tuition Assistance (TA) Policy?


Outlined below is the Army Tuition Assistance (TA) policy guidelines:

  • You are eligible for TA upon successfully completing one year of service following graduation from either IET or BOLC
  • You can take up to 16 semester hours of TA-funded courses per fiscal year
  • You can use TA for a graduate degree once he or she have 10 years of service.
  • If TA did not pay for any portion of the undergraduate degree, the 10-year policy does not apply
  • Current TA remains at $250 per semester-hour (SH) and 16 SH limit per fiscal year
  • You will continue to receive up to $250 per semester hour for up to 130 semester hours for completion of a bachelor’s degree and up to 39 semester hours for completion of a master’s degree
  • TA cannot be used for a lower or lateral degree, nor can it be used for first-professional degrees, e.g., PhD, MD or JD
  • Army Tuition Assistance is available to all active duty Soldiers, if you have AGR status, pursuant to Title 10 and Title 32 and all Reserve Component personnel in an active drilling status who are coded as ‘satisfactory participant’
  • You must have an approved Statement of Understanding (SOU) prior to enrollment
  • You are not eligible for TA if assigned to the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)
  • You are not eligible for TA if you are on hold for any reason
  • You are required to obtain a Student Agreement (SA) or documented degree plan prior to the end of six SH at your home school
  • To consistently enforce TA policies across the Army, a hold is placed automatically on a your record when a TA policy is violated, and is removed automatically when the violation is resolved
  • You must maintain the following Army TA GPA to receive additional TA:
    • a 2.0 undergraduate Army TA GPA/15 SHs of TA-funded undergraduate classes
    • a 3.0 graduate Army TA GPA/six SH of TA-funded graduate classes (Graduate courses with a D grade will be recouped, C grades may also be recouped)
  • DOD MOU–All schools receiving DOD military TA dollars must agree to the Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to maintain eligibility


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