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Soldier - What is a Student Record?

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Soldier - What is a Student Record?


The Student Record contains information about you.


a)     The Basic Information section contains your name, date of birth, GoArmyEd user name, contact information, school and degree plan, TA funding status and servicing education center.

b)    The Related Links section contains additional information that varies based on your TA eligibility status.

c)     The information on the Student Record page is categorized into eight tabs:

  • Soldier Personnel displays your demographic data sourced from the Army's Personnel System and the GoArmyEd student administration system
  • TA Planning Summary displays an overview of your progress and selections in VIA
  • Education displays information about your home school, degree plan, available annual TA balance and amount spent, class enrollments, and account holds
  • Helpdesk Cases displays a detailed record of your GoArmyEd Helpdesk cases
  • CTS Notes displays a record of GoArmyEd email communications and notes about counseling sessions with Army Education Counselors or school representatives
  • eFile displays all documents uploaded to the Student Record
  • Test Scores displays tests taken and test results
  • All displays a printable version of your entire Student Record


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