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Soldier - How do I view a repayment/recoupment?

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Soldier - How do I view a repayment/recoupment?


If you are subject to a course recoupment, your GoArmyEd account will be placed on a hold, and you will receive an automated email from GoArmyEd alerting you of your debt. To view information regarding recoupment complete the steps below:


STEP 1: From your GoArmyEd homepage, select the “Recoupment Information” Smart Link.


STEP 2: The Recoupment Information will display. You can select the “Course Recoupment” tab or “Program Recoupment” based on the information you would like to review.

Once a recoupment is processed, you cannot change the payment option through GoArmyEd. You will need to contact whoever handles your pay (i.e. Active Duty- your local finance office) regarding your request to change your repayment option.


STEP 3: Select the “Close Window” link at the top right of the screen to return to your GoArmyEd homepage.




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  • Step-by-step Instructions: For information on viewing recoupment, select the link below to view the Step-by-step Instructions.

Viewing and Resolving Recoupment

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