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Soldier - What is the repayment/recoupment policy?

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Soldier - What is the repayment/recoupment policy?


Soldiers will reimburse the Army for any tuition assistance (TA) received if:

  • Withdrawing from classes for personal reasons or do not successfully complete a class per IAW DoDI 1322.25 and AR 621-5
  • Non-successful grades are defined as an “F” or a “D” (or equivalents) for undergraduate courses, an “F”, a “D” or a “C” (or equivalents) for graduate courses
  • An unresolved incomplete grade after 120 days from the course end date
  • If a selected class does not advance toward the completion of approved degree plan

If repayment to the Army, the TA received will be withdrawn from Soldier's pay IAW current Department of Financial AS policies. An email will be sent by GoArmyEd 30 days in advance of a pending collection to the Soldier to dispute the debt.

Soldiers may not have to reimburse the Army if withdrawing from courses for extenuating circumstances beyond their control, as articulated on the waiver request form, and approved by Army Education within 60 days from the class withdrawal/drop date.

Once a recoupment is processed, you cannot change the payment option through GoArmyEd. You will need to contact whoever handles your pay (i.e. Active Duty- your local finance office) regarding your request to change your repayment option.


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