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Soldier - What is the Degree Progress Report?

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Soldier - What is the Degree Progress Report?


The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is used if a Course Planner is not required. The DPR is an unofficial tool for GoArmyEd Soldiers to check on their degree progress within GoArmyEd.  It is not a substitute for an official Student Agreement/Documented Degree Plan or official college transcript.  For an official transcript the soldier must contact their home school.

Like the Student Agreement/Documented Degree Plan, the degree progress report lists the requirements to meet the Soldier's degree plan.

Each time Soldiers enroll in, receive a final grade for a GoArmyEd course, or receive additional transfer credit the degree progress report will be updated so that Soldiers can track their degree progress.  Each course the Soldier receives credit for will be designated as either a GoArmyEd enrollment (EN) or transfer credit (OT).  Courses listed will also show the grade received.


Note: Transfer credits have a grade of "T" and in progress courses will be listed with blank grades.



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