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Soldier - Can I see which classes my school offers in GoArmyEd?

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Soldier - Can I see which classes my school offers in GoArmyEd?


You can search for classes using several different parameters and criteria to review available classes offered at a school by selecting the “Class Schedule” link in the GoArmyEd footer.

STEP 1: Scroll to the footer section and select the “Class Schedule” link in the Earn a Degree Credential section.


STEP 2: The Class Schedule page displays. Select the “Search Class Schedule” link to search for available classes.


STEPS 3: The Search for Classes page displays. Select the term for which you are trying to search for a class in the “Term” field.


STEP 4: Select your school from the “School” field drop-down.


STEP 5: For a classes that start on a specific date select the date from the calendar in the “Start Date on or After” field.


STEP 6: Select the “Search” button to display your search results.


STEP 7: The Search Results display.



STEP 8: Soldiers can scroll through the list of available classes that meet the search criteria entered. For additional information on a class select the “Class Details” button.


STEP 9: After reviewing the Class Details page select the “Return to Search Page” link to return to the search page to search for additional classes or the “View Search Results” button to return to the Search Results page.



STEP 10: Select the “Close Window” link to close the window and return to your GoArmyEd homepage.



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